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Hilde Røise Bryn

Different bodies, different needs

Come explore with me the different types of touch and language your body and nervous system craves and need in intimacy and sex. We all have a unique way of expressing our erotic nature, and what might work for one person, might shut the other person down. What does it take for your body to open? We will explore the five Erotic Blueprints™️ together in this hands-on, fully clothed workshop. Calm Down! Before our bodies can open authentically to pleasure, we need to feel safe in our bodies. In this workshop we will find out what happens when our nervous system calms way down, when we tune into ourselves and to the person in front of us. We will go slow, and meet and hold whatever wants to show up.

Hilde has a background in tantra, trauma therapy, working with the nervous system and the Erotic Blueprints™️ She is a safe space for her clients to show up and explore authentically, transforming pain through pleasure, finding safety, and building greater orgasmic capacity.