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Li Tadaa

Li Tadaa

You might not remember what Li said, but what they invited you to feel will be a lasting memory. Li is a queer dancer and lust coach whose research focuses on movement and intimacy as tools for healing, self-expression and our innate gender fluidity.

Li’s work goes deep as they combine playful practices such as dance and conscious kink with somatic therapy and healing practices.

Li has coached over 100 people and has founded the movement practices “Dance into Your Lust” and ”Move into Kink” which include aspects of dance and movement therapy, tantra, conscious kink and trauma therapy.

Their work also lies on a foundation of Li’s lived experience in Mozambique in combination with other African healing practices and ancestral work.


Tanzanian Kitchen party – Li – Tadaa

Among some people in Mozambique and Tanzania, there is a rite of passage held when women are about to get married. 

What is known on the outside is that they learn how to become a good wife and how to take care of the home. However, what is often more hidden is that they go through a secret love-making ritual. In Tanzania, it’s commonly called Kitchen Party and in Mozambique Kolaya.

The women are here taught empowerment through traditional dances. They learn how to appreciate their own bodies, move their waist in a pleasurable way, and how to make love in a way that create deep connection and satisfies them. 

This knowledge has been passed on through generations and gives girls and women an opportunity to be confident and know what they want and do not want when it comes to sexuality.

Li has been taught by Julieth Chuwa from Tanzania and Mama Ema from Mozambique who both feel proud of her passing on this knowledge, 

Energetic Love Making – Li Tadaa and Marcos Bina

Penetration is one energy, receptiveness is another. Are you use to being in only one role? In this workshop we will learn how to step into both of these independently of gender and fully sense the other. In our lives, most of us have learnt that sex is about genital penetration, at the same time I’m sure that all of us at some point have had that kind of sex but without actually feeling anything. Because in reality, what most of us long for is feeling connected, fully open and in union with the other, and this we can learn energetically, clothes on! You might experience the most sensitive, heart-opening lovemaking you have felt. 

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