Du visar för närvarande Jaandreé Borelius

Jaandreé Borelius

Jaandrée is a passionate being having dance as her preferred way of flowing in the world. She’s a sexological bodyworker & tantra teraphist, with a background as a social worker & organisation developement. Her aim is to support people in fully letting go, meeting one self in a safe space, held in love & vulnerability, supporting people to come back into love, being mesmerized & relating authentically. She believes that If you feel safe, You dare to (s)explore, you increase your wellbeing & stay positive towards tourself & others. Jaandrée facilitates spaces for the curious to meet & grow in playful, supportive togetherness. Passionate to use all senses to come closer to one self, to really feel. She uses her full presence, touch, breath, sound & movement as tools for healing & awakening. Today She’s sharing her magic on regular basis in Sweden as her base & around the world as her playground. Fully AWAKE AWARE ALIGNED and ALIVE

Heart Puja; authentic relating; a tantric speeddating – meet yourself through deep connection with others. What arises in you when you gift your authentic self in full loving presence? When you show up & allow whatever is alive in you to be shown, accepted & explored in the connection with your self & other beings. Dive deep in a safe, playful & explorative space. Come as you are, Fully you, fully free ✨❤️✨ Love// Jaandrée  . while we’re falling; conscious touch & body exploration with ropes – how can we explore the sense of surrendering, of fully letting go & allowing someone else to hold us. Discover the art of soft surrendering through tantric ropes, using your body as a support to open & support. This is a safe & explorative space for you & your partner (lover, friend, sister, brother, date, love of your life) to connect on a deeper level of trust, Through conscious touch & shibari Surrender into your beloved To be held & hold in loving presence  Love// Jaandrée