Du visar för närvarande Presentation av Malin Rydesjö

Presentation av Malin Rydesjö

Malin Rydesjö! 💛

Malin Rydesjö realized as a grown up the huge resistance she had done her whole life to the fact that she is multidimensional and lives in source, beyond form.

All her life she has spent trying to release herself from form and in that went deep into different teachings such as kundaliniyoga, yogatherapy, Ayurveda and mindfulness. She educate stresscoaches and holds leadership courses.

She was initiated in shamanism and other deep sources of wisdom until everything just opened up and union integrated in her being and never left.

Now she writes a book on Energymedicine and her path to source in this life, gives ceremonies and physical and distance bodytreatments and she holds a one year teachertraining to become an energymedicine therapist where tantra is a part of the training. You meet her often in workshops and healings online where she is fully guided to support individuals and groups to connect to their source. Her gift is to clear peoples essence free from blockages, programmings etc in all dimensions (in to the cells in the body) and let love and union flow freely out into a sustainable life. That way your being embody more and more of the divine and you become peace, living life more alive.


Dear sister, warmly welcome to a sacred space for your whole being where you will be nurtured and held in a loving sisterhood.

As we release armours and programmings from a past of diminishing, exploitation and competition we free more space in our systems for our divinity to pour into our multidimensional beings. Together we release and open up, deeper and deeper we go into our parts to let the pure goddess, collective wisdom and stillness integrate and heal life itself, inside out, outside in.

Together we release who we truly are, we hold and let us be held, touch and let us be touched both on the in- and outside and bit by bit surrender into our essence of love. In simplicity and peace. In togetherness and embrace. Bit by bit we walk the path of union, bliss and passion and to discover ourselves through the eyes and touch by another loving woman.

Its time to nurture ourselves back to our true essence and the sisterhood we lost and need.

Feel the calling dear sister and let your everything land in this holy space we will cocreate.

If you have oil and a sarong, please bring that to the workshop. If you also like and have an essential oil, you´re welcome to bring that too. Maybe you resonate with a chrystal bowl or instrument. Bring your extended expression.