Du visar för närvarande Presentation av Sergio Gio

Presentation av Sergio Gio

Hello Tantric People – Please help us to welcome Sergio Gio who will lead us in a SOUND HEALING JOURNEY  ❤

This is his words:

Hi. I am a performance dancer and Body terapeut doing ritual research, trying to heal myself through movements and sounds. I have been practicing therapy by leading groups, combining the body consciousness, sound yoga, and vibrational sounds.

I guide one sequence of exercises that will relax and stimulate the focus on the sensorial system. Easily by doing sounds vibrations, respiration, moving and relating with theses elements and with the space around. The aim is to create one sensation in the body, soul, a good feeling of ourselves, and a good interaction with the real-life.

Sound yoga movements.  is the name of the workshop

sound vibrations , breathing  and making sounds

body consciousnes , movements and free dance

gong bath