Hello Beautiful Festival People 💕Here you have the line up 🤗– The 💥 SCHEDULE💥 for this loving festival.I guess it will have some small changes and maybe some additional workshops. As you can see, the ”loft” has room for more booking. The reason is that we also want to invite spontaneous activities during the festival, based on interest / needs in the present moment. Lets flow ✨The big tent fits 50 dancing participants & all of us in buddha pose 😅Small tent – around 30 people in movementSharlat – around 20 jumping peopleLoft – 15 attendant sitting or lying (sloping roof)Sauna – 5 to 6 hotties, maybe one more if you squeeze inTipi – 10 beautiful souls (not bookable), only for free flow / intimate spaceThere are no bookings. You just go to the workshop you prefer. The leader of the workshop decides when it is full. So be in time! … if you maybe need to make an other choice.It is also okay not to attend to a workshop. Maybe you rather chill in the tipi, go for a swim in the lake, have a long joyful cup of tea / fika, or maybe connect with another soul/s..! Just remember – No nakedness outside the workshop tents nor open sexual activities. Some workshops might include voluntarily nakedness (=🌶🌶🌶). We have neighbors that might be offended and we would love to have more festivals 💖