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Karen Bastiansen Schov

Karen Schov


I am passionate about Pleasure! Walking barefoot in the grass, living life at my very own pace. Creating space for life to flow trough me and then out to the world around me. The switch from “dedicated corporate slave” to a life as a passionate ever exploring Tantrica, working as a Pleasure Coach and a Tantra Therapist, has given me back the spark. Given space for meaning to flow back into my life and my work. Dedicating my life to embody authenticity and unlocking still higher levels of truth, joy and love, embracing all this that comes with being alive.

I am devoted to create calm, warm spaces where you can feel safe to show up in your full vulnerability and hopefully dear to lean into curiosity. Finding that courage inside of you to move out of comfort and expanding the way you experience life. In addition to private sessions I host workshops, goddess circles and retreats, building community and creating a sense of togetherness. 

Conscious rope

How deeply do you desire to surrender, what happens to you when you trust in the arms that hold you? When we play together, we create a beautiful dance between people. It is an opportunity to surrender to what emerges in the moment in the connection that is created between two humans.We will dance together in deep connection and experiment with surrendering into the space held by your partner. We use the rope as a tool, as an extension of our arms to hold you closer, to hold you with more depth.There will be opportunities to have several short rope tying sessions with a range of people. This is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself, your vulnerability, your strength and the energy between you and your partner during each rope session. The methods we use are easy to learn and the focus will be on the connection with the person you are tying with, not on technical knots or show off.

An experiment in surrender and a dance in connection!