Du visar för närvarande Karen Bastiansen Schov

Karen Bastiansen Schov

My name is Karen, I am passionate about pleasure! A Life artist and a spiritual seeker who creates safe spaces where the body and soul can communicate.  I am fuelled by the gifts of life and love creating experimental spaces for people to come together and holding space for visionary solutions to emerge. I believe in the power inside of every single one of us and I live to support people to embrace their light and let it shine into the world. I am dedicated to creating community, to bring people together as I know it to be the way we move forward and simultaneously create magic. I devote my days to pleasure and work with all aspects of life with Tantric Therapy, facilitation and coaching as some of my tools. 

Living from Eros is a morning activation where you are invited connect deeply with your own body, to awaken your juicy energy and to start the day in pleasure. A soft start of your day that invites presence and activates pleasure.

In Pleasure is a wonderful way to start any morning. Making pleasure a ritual and sowing a seed of continues ritual to bring home and into your everyday life.

Living from Eros is all about taking ownership of your own experience of life. Starting the day in pleasure makes you so much more receptive throughout the day. It is about remembering the power we all have within and about directing our attention to all the things we do and making them pleasurable.