Du visar för närvarande Presentation av Charlotte Norell

Presentation av Charlotte Norell

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Let us introduce Charlotte Norell – an inspirational facilitator and is a passionate catalyst in the field of awakening, self-healing, embodiment and human potential. She is a world traveler, creating and holding sacred space, women’s retreats, love relationship trainings, dance therapy gatherings and private sessions for over 30 years. She is educated as a physiotherapist, trauma healer, sex and relationship coach specialized in co-dependency, dance therapist, meditation teacher and is a devoted tantra practitioner.

From Trauma to Trust to Tantra

Many of us who move into Tantric explorations will sooner or later encounter resistance and inner blockages, that maybe show up as trauma responses in our bodies, like numbness, frozenness and the sensation of wanting to run away and/or getting angry or irritable with people around us. Not exactly what we thought fluffy, loving Tantra was all about.

Someone said Tantra is Love, well where there is Love, healing will also show up and especially when it comes to our Shadow and traumatized parts.

Tantra also talks about becoming aware and embracing all that arises within us, especially the more challenging parts, that are lurking in the dark, like jealousy, anger, comparison, shame, shock and unworthiness. But how does one do that when you suddenly find yourself in a trauma response?

In this trauma-informed workshop you will be explore ways to access softness, warmth and love for yourself and heal the more challenging parts of your personality, which want to transform and join the Tantric party of life!

Fierce Lover 🌶🌶

A body-centric exploration aiming to connect you to the fierce lover archetype within.

You will be guided on a journey where you might discover, awaken and allow a sensual, fierce, creative and most of all alive power to express itself through your body.

What you can expect

– Embodiment practices involving breath, body movement and relaxation.

– Discovering your unique gift through a man’s/woman’s body.

– How to remove obstacles that can inhibit your authentic power.

– Exploring what a fierce lover means to you.

– Getting a taste of your body’s wild, fiery and deep wisdom.

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