Du visar för närvarande Presentation av Johanna Bianca Rehn

Presentation av Johanna Bianca Rehn

We are grateful to present Johanna Bianca Rehn who will lead us in ✨ Sensous body art ✨

She invites us into a journey of exploration within our senses and the flow of colour. We start with a meditative moment to open up and to land into the now with our own body.Then we explore the lines, the texture and shapes of our skin and we let the paintbrush lead us intuitively. We invite the now and perhaps even pleasure, how does the touch feel? What part of you longs to be touched?

There will also be a possibility to paint each other in a wordless co-creation of painting and getting painted. Within the field of what feels good to you in the moment.

Johanna Rehn lets creation and art be her guide in life. She expresses herself through painting, dancing, playing and singing. She also creates ceremonial spaces with her project Systraskaparna (Creators of Sisterhood), where she invites sisters to stand in their power, holding each other and supporting one another, in tune with Mother Earth.


Insta: systraskaparna.sisterhood