Du visar för närvarande Presentation av Julija Green

Presentation av Julija Green

Help me welcome Julija Green! 😜🎉

Julija Green is a sexually awakened Goddess, being drawn by her divine purpose to significantly inspire and impact the life of others.

With her amorous and piercing arrows of truth she moves beyond the ego, allowing you to see your truest potential; your inner God/dess.

Fuck Jante!

Julija is a life coach, NLP practitioner, facilitator in Life Force Energy Activation (L.E.A), body worker, healer and a tantrica. She is also a creator of workshops, sacred ceremonies and circles for women. Julijas burning desire to rebalance the masculine and feminine energies permeates her work.

In her workshops she embodies the powerful lioness, the divine feminine womb, in which everything is allowed, helping you to meet and transform the shadows, release the blockages and remove the fears.

Julijas sharp intuition, healing energy and creative force will help catalyze your inner journey and your courage to step into your own full power.

During the years of working through her own traumas she stumbled upon the magnificent healing power of NLP, energy, and pressure. She has since then been a passionate healer of others and to help bring forth their gifts into this world.



In this sacred workshop you will recieve life force energy with the intention to awaken and enhance your own sexual desire and orgasmicness.

You are welcome to be fully naked in this workshop. If you prefer to be clothed that is welcome too. I invite you to make sounds, to express your emotions and to touch yourself. Everything is allowed within a safe container where you will be able to meet your own orgasmic energy.

During the session you are on your own yoga mat. There will be no physical interaction with other people.


-blindfold (if you have)

-water bottle.