Du visar för närvarande Presentation av Lasse Hedlin

Presentation av Lasse Hedlin

We are happy to introduce Lars Hedlin as a workshop leader 🎉

Om mig

Lasse Hedlins personal journey started 2004 at a Qoudouschka course and has since continued within the field of sexuality with focus on presence, intimacy, closeness and pleasure.

Lasse is a Sexsibility coach (2008-2009), Sexsibility Whole Body masseur (2015), Breathwork instructor (2018), Tantra masseur (2021) and has done the ”Like A Pro” Wheel of Consent training (2016).

Apart from his every day life work as a project manager he has his own business ”LevMera” (www.levmera.nu) and offers sexsibility coaching, tantra massage, cuddle service and rebirthing breath sessions.

Lasse has given  courses/workshops within the field of sexuality, closeness, intimacy, communication, tantra for couples, sexsibility evenings etc.

Lasse is a warm and grounded person and at the same time playful and mischievous! 🙂

Lasse will at this festival give workshops based on Wheel of Consent, one basic workshop and one where there will be possible to go deeper with your wishes to receive, serve, allow or take.