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Presentation av Lasse Hedlin

Hurray! We are happy to introduce Lars Hedlin to our crew as workshop leader 🎉

His personal journey started 2004 at a Qoudouschka 1 course and has since continued within the field of sexuality with focus on presence, intimacy, closeness and pleasure.

Lasse is a Sexsibility coach (2008-2009), Sexsibility Whole Body masseur (2015), Breathwork instructor (2018), Tantra masseur (2021) and has done the ”Like A Pro” Wheel of Consent training (2016).

Apart from his every day life work as a project manager he has his own business LevMera ( and offers sexsibility coaching, tantra massage, cuddle service and rebirthing breath sessions.

Lasse has given courses/workshops within the field of sexuality, closeness, intimacy, communication, tantra for couples, sexsibility evenings etc.

He is a warm and grounded person and at the same time playful and mischievous! 🙂

At this festival he will give 2 workshops 🎉

1. First one is based on WHEEL OF CONSENT.

Boundaries, communication and consent.

Playful exercises where you will practice on boundaries, communication and consent! We will together create a common base for consent to be practiced during the festival.

2. Secondly, a WISHING CIRCLE, where there will be possible to go deeper with your wishes to receive, serve, allow or take.

Together we will create a very loving and allowing space where your wishes can be fulfilled and where you can fulfill other´s wishes!

Consent IS sexy! 🌶🔥