Du visar för närvarande Presentation av Ola Eriksson

Presentation av Ola Eriksson

Yes, here we go! 💥 Let us introduce an other workshop that will be held at this beautiful weekend.

MAN’S CIRCLE – BROTHERHOOD, POWER & INTIMACY 🔥❤️In a safe and secure space we will come together with other men to explore different aspects of manhood. This workshop is an invitation to Man In as suppose to what is asked of us men: to Man up, often ignoring the breadth of our experience.

Ola Eriksson is an Osho therapist and a Daka practitioner. He specializes in Bioenergetics, Tantra, Bodywork and Men’s work. He uses breath, movement, sound, and self-inquiry to help clients connect with themselves and their senses. Ola is often described as a uniquely grounded, attuned, and present therapist.

Based in Gothenburg, he offers individual and group sessions that include breathwork, tantra therapy, pulsation, somatic work, de-armouring, and essence work. Ola also facilitates men’s work, creating spaces characterized by deep trust, intimacy, humor and brotherhood.