Du visar för närvarande Presentation av Sophia Karen Maria Elvström

Presentation av Sophia Karen Maria Elvström

Yes! Please help me welcome Sophia Karen Maria Elvström🎉

Her words: With a lot of love I am welcoming you to ✨ THE HEART EXPANDING SESSION ✨ using the Family Constellations technique.

In a playful and embracing space we are going beyond the logical mind deep into the wisdom and knowledge from within to manifest our deeper wishes.

We will transform old collective blueprints that prevent us from living our full potential – blueprints that come from this life or from our biological family far back or from previous incarnations. With our work we will be healing generations.

We will be using the ”Systemic Family Constellations” technique in an individual way using pieces of textile and other materials.

Welcome to a beautiful journey where we together go beyond fear and into the heart expanding energy”.

Love, joy and sparkling light.

You can bring different kinds of textile, energy stones/crystals or other materials that speak to you.

Karen Maria Sophia Elvström facilitates family- & organisations constellations, she is a psychomotor therapist giving body treatments, craniosacral therapy, essential oil massage, and sound healing with sonic love alchemy Crystal Bowls. She is holding space for sacred women’s circles, boosting relationships with massage and presence. She is also giving awareness sessions in movement like “Dansa med hjärtat”, “Morning glory dance” and “Mindful movement”.

In the shift of 2019-2020 she was called to a pilgrim journey to Kawai, to bring back the energy from the ancient civilization of Lemuria and wake up the memory in people.

Her wish is to serve and to hold space so you can discover your way, your beauty and your authentic self. She reflects and helps you uncover your shadow sides so you can embrace and work with them to find the way to love.

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