Du visar för närvarande Presentation av Tonya Gorman

Presentation av Tonya Gorman

Please help us to welcome Tonya Gorman. She is a coach and course creator in the field of awakening, transformation and tantra. She uses sound, breath, archetypal movement and self inquiry to guide clients into deeper connection to their body, emotions, soul essence and purpose.

She is passionate about creating spaces that guide people into deeper intimacy with themselves and life. This intimacy is created through courageously facing our shadow world to allow for the body to compassionately open up space for deeper joy, more fulfilling love and a more truthful experience to self and other.

Tonya is from Portland, Oregon and offers one on one and group programs both in person and online. She is skilled at intuitivly sensing a person’s soul blueprint and lovingly guiding them through the blocks, limiting beliefs, wounding, and conditioning that are holding them back from their fullest expression as a divine being here to bring their gifts into life.


– A workshop that will take you a step into greater intimacy with Self by using breath and intentional archetypal movement to awaken Eros in the body and attune to the subtle ways pleasure moves through you. To see, feel and know your power fully as a sovereign orgasmic being.

Tantra invites you to slow down and become deeply present with your experience and the magic moving within you. Pleasure experienced fully in every cell of the body is bliss embodied, the union of heaven and earth within you 💛