Du visar för närvarande Robert & Malin Törnqvist
Malin och Robert

Robert & Malin Törnqvist

Malin is a dynamic person and spaceholder who likes to invite the whole perspective and body to the work. She is an intuitive Bodyworker, Tantra Therapist, Yin-yoga teacher and training instructor and her inspiration lies in travelling from light to dark, soft and hard, and provides you the whole experience in you with love. www.divinelove.se

Robert is a tantra therapist and a bodyworker with a magical touch. His strength is his ability to make you feel safe, seen and held. To be able to create a safe space where you can let go and surrender completely into his arms. He is grounded and centred within himself and loves to play with his feminine and masculine sides. A free spirit with a close connection to nature. www.divinelove.se

Night of Desires: Välkommen till en sprakande kväll där du får möjlighet att uppfylla dina önskningar Malin och Robert håller space och vi bjuder in till olika dynamiker, energier och lekfullhet! Ta med dig din längtan och kunskap in från workshops till detta space Frigör potential,möjligheten att VARA DU fullt ut i din egna livsenergi Vad finns det MER i dig?